Streaming Live from Day 1 at the Web 2.0 Expo

As I mentioned in this previous post (please read it first) I’m streaming live today at the Web 2.0 expo. You’ll get to witness the same sessions I’m at, as well as interact with folks around me.

The player is below, and I hear it works best in Firefox, (the direct link is here) and if you’re still having problems, you may want to reboot. (So we learned last night during my live broadcast)

I’m already starting to realize the implications this has to Corporate Marketing, Support, Product Demos. Social media evolves to real time.

Oh yeah, I’ll be speaking on Tuesday and Wednesday, I’ll be streaming live from the stage. My schedule is here.

Update: I’ve left the web20 expo and am no longer streaming, will resume tomorrow!

My friend from Hawaii recorded the session and put it on Google Video, you can watch it here.

Update: Part of my show has been archived, by Ryan

Jeremiah and Mario Arrive

Anil Dash on Community Evangelism

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