How to use the Press Release for modern Times

(Left: Myself, Scott and Mario Sundar)

Scott Wilder, one of the chief community folks at Intuit, has recently launched a new blog. One of the insightful posts that I recommend you read (and then subscribe to) is Don’t kill the press releases, just change the messenge(r). There are nine practical tips there that make sense.

Most of all, Scott is grounded from experience, so there is wisdom from his teaching. If you’re not familiar with what Intuit has done with online communities, they are leaders in the industry. They’ve amassed an army of small business folks that share and communicate around their product set day in and day out.

Back to the Press Release topic, it’s interesting at PodTech, we’re a very small media company and we have a pretty loud voice. We don’t use the Press Release, we don’t use the PR wire, yet we’re in magazines, newspapers, on TV pretty much every week. We just use word of mouth blogs, podcasts and vlogs.

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