Dell’s Blog Warrior Embraces Community

(Left: Dell’s Blog Warrior, Lionel Menchaca)

I’ve met Lionel Menchaca a few times, I consider him to be one of my peers, as we shared the same experience deploying social media at large tech companies. Today, Lionel visited one of the most well known detractors to the Dell brand, Jeff Jarvis who coined the business blogging case study “Dell Hell”.

Dell’s Lionel the program manager of the Dell one to one site, and IdeaStorm does blogger relations in real life, here’s what Jeff had to say himself:

“And there is the genius of Lionel Menchaca. In a flash, he transformed the image of Dell in my eyes. From a company that wanted to look at but not touch people like me, that wanted customers to come deal in the company’s space on the company’s terms, here suddenly was a guy who spoke honestly and directly.”

You should read directly from Jeff’s blog.

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