North American Asian Technology Speaker Roster (an ongoing list) a Resources for Conference Organizers

A well known technology conference organizer encouraged me to create this list, so here goes.

The internet and the web industry is global by nature, so it’s natural we celebrate of cultures and the lowering of walls and boundaries, this is the dream of the internet!

As an American Chinese who is fifth generation (family came to SF in 1880s) I have both strong American and Chinese roots. I’ve noticed that the conference industry is under scrutiny to include include women in panels and speaking. I know there’s also some interest to include a reflective sample of individuals that represents the technology community beyond gender.

In business school, I saw a report that showed that 50% of all Silicon Valley startups are founded by Asians, in fact there’s a wide demographic of Asians in the bay area (over 35% in SF), many of which work in the tech industry.

Speakers list:

In the spirit of celebrating all cultures, the following is a list of Asian Tech speakers, this is intended as a resource to conference planners. This list is listed in alpha order by first name

  • Ali Diab | Entrepreneur
  • Amit Gupta | Entrepreneur, Blogger
  • Andrew Lih | Student, Author, focus on Wiki Collaboration
  • Avinash Kaushik | Speaker, Web Analytics Expert, Blogger
  • Anil Dash, Bio on Wikipedia | Entrepreneur, Blogging Pioneer
  • Bryan Veloso | Technologist & Blogger
  • Chalene Li, Forrester Bio | Researcher, Analyst, Blogger
  • Chan Kim | Business Author, Blue Ocean
  • Christine “Happy Slip” Gambito | VideoBlogger
  • Cindi Li | Web Designer, Blogger
  • Clement Mok | Design and business consultant
  • Emily Chang, bio on personal website | Designer, Blogger
  • Ernie Hsiung | Blogger & Technologist
  • Greg Narain | Entrepreneur, Blogger
  • Guy Kawasaki, Bio on Wikipedia | Entrepreneur, Investor, Blogger
  • Ginsu “Gene” Yoon | VP Linden Labs
  • Glenda Bautista | Writer, Technologist, Activist
  • Hiten Shaw Crazy Egg Founder
  • Irene Au | User Experience
  • James Hong | Web Entrepreneur
  • Jane Pinckard | Gaming Journalist & Blogger, see Character Sheet
  • Jen Chung | Editor
  • Jeremy Liew | Lightspeed Venture Partner Partner
  • Jeremiah Owyang | Self-titled Web Strategist
  • Jerry Yang | Yahoo Founder, Entrepreneur, and CEO
  • Jia Shen | CTO and Co Founder of RockYou
  • Joi Ito, bio on site | Investor, Entrepreneur, Activist, Blogger
  • John Chow| Blogger “Making Money online”
  • Justin Kan | Life Video Streamer “Life Caster”
  • Kelly Goto | Web Designer
  • Kevin Cheng | Web Professional, Artist, Blogger
  • Khoi Vinh | Designer, Blogger
  • Lea Alcantara | Web & graphic design studio
  • Leonard Lin | Technologist & Blogger
  • Mario Sundar | Evangelist and Bloggerr
  • Min Jung Kim | Web Professional, Blogger, Community Sweetheart!
  • Munjal Shaw | CEO, Blogger
  • Om Malik, Bio on Wikipedia | Editor, Entrepreneur, Blogger
  • Nicole Lee | Technology Journalist & Blogger (now at CNET)
  • Peter Kim | Sr. Forrester Analyst: Marketing Media, Blogger
  • Peter Pham | Sr. Director Business Development, Photobucket
  • Rashmi Sinha | Technology Consultant
  • Raymond Padilla | Gaming Journalist & Blogger
  • Salim Ismail | Entrepreneur, Investor, now at Yahoo
  • Susan Wu | Technologist and Associate at Charles River
  • Tantek Çelik | Blogger, Technologist, CTO
  • Tila Tequila | MySpace entertainer (Oh come on, I can’t help it)
  • Tony Hung | Blogger, Technologist
  • TJ Kang | Technologist, CEO
  • Vinod Khosla | Venture Capitilist
  • Wagner James Au | Second Life Reporter
  • Please submit other speakers in the comments, this will be an ongoing list, It’s expected they have speaking experience.

    Bonus Web Usage Data:
    The majority of planet earth is Asian, and majority of internet usage and growth is in Asia, there are more internet users in China than all of North and South America combined.

    Update March 27th

    A couple of people have mentioned this list could easily extend to all of Asia, where there are thousands of technology speakers. I’ve updated the title from and added “North America” to it to define some parameters. If anything, this has raised greater awareness and that’s part of the intention. I’ve also started to see some folks on this list who were glad (and annoyed at the industry), that was expected.

    For the record, I’m trying to be a helpful resource to conference organizers that want diversity, rather than a ‘stick it to the man’ type of guy. If you read my hundreds of other posts, you’ll be able to tell from tone.

    Update: Also check out China’s business speakers