The Marriage of New and Old Media

Ken Kaplan points me to this article demonstrating the struggles that Old and Mainstream media have in adopting: Study finds journalism in flux as old, new media seek profits Only ethnic media can claim a stable group of readers:

“In nearly every sector except ethnic news, audiences are splintering off to many other media options. Even Fox News, which has come to dominate cable news in recent years, is showing a viewership decline, according to the report.”

I experienced first hand at Miami’s WeMedia conference “The big question or debate is around how will traditional journalists be part/lead/influence/learn/control communities.”

Examples of the Marriage of New and Old Media:

I’m already starting to see mainstream (old) and social media (new) merge into something new, here’ a few that have been discussed or appear to be a working model. I even vocally encouraged mainstream media at the WeMedia conference to do this.

1) Scott Beale indicates to us to the SF Chronicle’s article: Where Old and New Media Collide, which portrays companies like PodTech, Flickr, YouTube, and Splashcast as companies that are the new media. I personally don’t think it’s a clash, as there’s a merger of some sorts happening.

2) Techmeme is a good example of Old and New Media working together, as an “AND” rather than an “OR”. There are both mainstream news sources as the lead story as well as blogs. Journalists read Techmeme (and it’s political counterpart) to help build stories, and take quotes direct from those that are breaking the stories.

3) I reviewed NewsTrust which has multiple inputs of information from Mainstream and new media, all being mixed together with multiple layers of filtering.

4) I was recently told about New Circles which is yet another tool to build news, this time with one’s trusted community.

5) Progressive student Journalists are starting to realize the value of New/Social media, and even visited us at PodTech, one will be working with us over the summer.

Some will make themselves irrelevant and not learn how to adapt, they will think of themselves as an “or”, and they won’t matter. I recognize the synergy between bloggers and journalists, and how they can indeed work together to create something new, something fresh as the audience talk back and helps to tell the story with those that have been the only ones to report it.