Coverage of the SXSW Web Awards

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Above: ZeFrank is our Master of Ceremonies

A live blog report from the Web Strategist at the Web Awards, 2007.

Tonight, the SXSW Web Awards ceremony is being held at Austin’s downtown Hilton. Guests receive a drink ticket, Tex-Mex food is being served, and DJ is spinning some psychedelic ambiance that is driving some guests a bit batty. While the geeks are dressed down, many of the nominees are sporting their finest, and quite a few of the hostesses are dressed in their slinky dresses. Local news has been invited to this event to cover it.

Among the Twitter chatter, one can learn that new products are going to be released, there’s some buzz about Wiki da Wabbit, as well as some upcoming features being release on Twitter, SXSW’s official back channel.

Learn more about the event, the hosts and the history, or see who the final nominees are.

About 80% of the nominees, I’ve never heard of, (nor the people around me) so it will be interesting to take a look to see why and how these sites were chosen and rewarded, will be interesting to analyze. I heard the winner of the whole Web Awards had a heavy flash site, which is interesting given the venue.

Ze Frank was the MC, and did a great job presenting, man is he silly! For future categories, I hope that SXSW Web Awards chooses a Corporate or Enterprise Category, as there’s quite a few attendees that are working at large corporations on web projects, not just smaller boutiques. This category could lend itself towards innovation, creativity, design, and helping customers. I’d be happy to help judge and recommend some corporate websites, this is what I do a great deal of my time.
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One of the winners was Twitter, which Scott has taken some excellent pictures of.

Photoblog of Day 1, Photoblog of Day 2

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Relaxing in the Foyer

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Tex Mex catering

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The crowd was given Blue LED lights, it was like a “Grave” (geek rave)

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Emily Chang and Friend

Picture 869
Before there was Twitter for presence, there were other ways to indicate one’s status

Picture 874
The Micki and Bud

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SXSW PR team

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Awards (backside view)

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Media with the big guns

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Johnathan Yuen

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ZeFrank’s guide to converting your email to what you really want to say to that person you don’t really like

ZePod Video

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Twitter waves in 140 Characters or less

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Carson Family

Picture 988
Blogger, Photographer, Videoblogger (Ask a Ninja) discuss the events. Scoble promised not to use Twitter all night.