Web Strategy: Understanding Web Design Pricing

I’ve notice quite a few posts about blog design recently, from these 10 beautiful blog designs, from these 45 selected ones, I’m impressed with what Ars Technica has recently done. One thing for sure is that everyone wants to have a great blog design. I’ve had similar discussions with Hyku’s Josh Hallett, well known blog designer among the tech blogosphere.

Even with RSS being a common way how people read your content, having a web or blog design that represents you is important. This is why USA Today and other newspapers are undergoing massive web redesigns to meet the changes of social media.

I’m frequently asked by contacts, friends, and family to provide recommendations for web designers as well as web design pricing. Since the answer always “depends” I’m going to link to a few resources that will help those that want to know more learn about what to look for in web design, service, and what to expect for pricing.

One can never put a price on having a storefront on the web, it’s something necessary for the smallest of businesses, doing it right, or doing it so it matters is a completely different discussion.

Of course, developing and documenting the goals of a website is the first step, but that’s a discussion for another time. Emily Chang has some interesting design philosophy. Ian from Portive has a book that I reviewed on the subject. Whether your a designer or a customer seeking web design, here’s a few articles to read before engaging in those discussions:

Web Design Pricing Resources to read before talking money:

4 Steps To Effective Web Design Pricing

Here’s how one clever web designer priced out his/her worth

How much should a Design Cost?

Blog Design discussions.

Per Page, Per Hour, Per Project
An over simplified view of web design, if you’re expecting to piece together a web strategy this way, your website will reflect the attention you’ve put into it.

14 Point Web Design Checklist (and a way not to get repeat customers)

Somewhat related in a humorus way, this list of web design punishes the ignorant client, personally, I’d rather inform and educate them, isn’t that why they called you? It’s tagged “humor” so I get the joke.

Leave a comment if you’ve other resources for either clients or designers should know about pricing web design services.

If you’re seeking a Web Design company, see this list here. If you’re a Web Design company, feel free to leave a comment promoting your work on this post.