Vloggies 2007 Ceremony, are you going to submit?

Last year, PodTech hosted the first annual Vloggies awards show, all in the honor of videobloggers. If you’re a videoblogger, there’s a couple of ways to get involved to submit your video to be part of the grand awards. If you didn’t go to the last vloggies (I couldn’t attend, as I was in China) you can check out some of Laughing Squid’s photos.

At SXSW, you can enter the contest at the PodTech booth, where you can meet Scoble and Irina!

Here’s what you need to know to get involved:

Seagate is sponsoring a contest to kick things off for us: the SXSW-Vloggies Show Challenge: we’re inviting ANY VLOGGER to show their stuff at SXSW. Open to anyone in the world, we’re inviting you to create and showcase your video coverage of SXSW 2007 on The Vloggies Show site for some cool prizes.” -Irina Slutsky tells you more about the contest and the Vloggies event!

If you’re not familiar with the Vloggies, Scoble has a list of the best videobloggers check out last year’s coverage of the ceremony and party:

If you can’t see the embedded flash player in your feedreader, you can access the file directly, or see all the posts tagged Vloggies on PodTech.