Social Media at the Customer Reference Forum: April 23-25th in Berkeley

It’s no mystery that I write this website for Corporate Marketers who use the web (that is my background for 7 years, this is my first time at a small startup), there’s a real need for sharing and learning as a single community. A few weeks ago, I wrote a very lengthy post, it was really a white paper of sorts, where I discussed the Impacts of Social Media on Customer Reference Programs.

I’m very excited to go into details about that post, as well as related tactics and strategies as a speaker at the Customer Reference Forum. If you know someone at your company that’s involved with Customer References, Loyalty, Customer experience, or General Marketing, I encourage you pass them the link to their site. The Customer Reference Forum event is on April 23-25 in Berkeley, CA (just outside San Francisco), looks like I’ll be joined by Ben and Jackie, (among others) both whom I can’t wait to meet.

(Update: Bill Lee of the Customer Reference Forum has a unique blog on the topic, including some Q&A of some thought leaders in the space)

Also that week, I’ll be speaking at Ad-Tech, invited by Rohit on a business blogging panel. Steve Hall of Adrants will also be on that panel. More news of that to come.