Lunch 2.0 at Yahoo. Hanging with MyBlogLog, YPN, and Yahoo Pipes folks

Yahoo at Mission College, Santa Clara Exodus Buildings where I used to work</a>)” /></a></p>
<p>Yesterday, <a href=Yahoo hosted Lunch 2.0 (a migrating community event for the emerging web market in silicon valley) It was held at one of Yahoo’s newer campuses in Santa Clara, at the former Exodus buildings (where I used to work, in many ways, Exodus helped to pay for these gorgeous towers during the first boom). Ian Kennedy (update: his other blog is here)acted as the Community Evangelist and set this up (great job man).

I saw a lot of familiar faces such as Tantek, Mark Jenn, Joseph Smarr (who tells us the history of Lunch 2.0), Terry Chay,, Bess Ho, Daniela Barbosa and a ton others.

The community that gathered had the opportunity to meet with some great product teams from Yahoo Publisher Network (which can make you money bloggers), MyBlogLog (which I use), and Yahoo Pipes (which I compare and contrast) group. There were some interesting conversations (a few pushbacks). I learned that MyBlogLog doesn’t pull reader data, and apparently “RSS never took off”. (and in some ways, I agree) I was able to cruise to the cafeteria and cafe, and check out this building, I’ve not been there since 2003, it was really a blast from the past.

Thanks Yahoo! for hosting us!

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Bonus Pics: I took pics of my friends Lotus at this same campus a few years ago.