Silicon Valley Sightings: Technorati Headquarters

Scoble and Celik

A few weeks ago, Robert and I visited Clever Homes, it was in the same building as Technorati (a website, I use constantly to watch conversations), and we made a surprise visit to check out their pad. The ever pleasant Tantek (who looks very healthy, after losing quite a bit of weight) jumped out of his cube when he heard Robert asking for him “Hey I know that voice” If you’ve ever been to this cool loft like office, you’ll immediately notice the branded elevator. I’m not sure what they call it, but I hear if you ride down in it your Technorati ranking will reduce, going up will cause your stats to rise. (kidding) There’s quite a few other public photos of the Technorati office on flickr.

Technorati is lead by Dave Sifry who was recently on the Marketing Voices show, a PodTech original show.

Also in my Technorati life, I was flamed for criticizing the 2000 bloggers project, although Ian from Technorati responded from the official blog.

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