Remembering MyYahoo

I accidently went to my old MyYahoo portal, and wow, that triggered some memories

I was at Syndicate SF in Dec 2005. Yahoo touted that the top feedreader in North America (or was it world) was MyYahoo. I used to use MyYahoo, then I switched to Google IG, tried out Bloglines, and am very pleased with Google Reader.

Yahoo was so gung ho about RSS and Syndication but since that December then I’ve not seen any large innovation in the product. I believe they’ve had the ability to change styles and background, and some layout changes but it’s no where near the direction that Google Reader went. I noticed that Yahoo Mail Beta has pulled in some of the feeds, but the experience is no where near what Google Reader is like. Check out all the features that Google Reader can do. According to my Feedburner (which I’m not sure how accurate it is) stats MyYahoo is only used by 8% of my readers.

I’m still a fan of Yahoo, so much that I purchased the stock (which has not done well for me) I really look forward to Yahoo stepping up by releasing a worldclass feedreader, I will be happy to tout it’s success.