More Players in the Online Data Storage Marketing, Enterprises and eCommerce companies move in

Because of my background working at a large Data Storage company and being a web guy, I’m watching how this market plays out. It’s assumed that this market is aimed at the consumer, small business. I predict it will move upstream to mid sized businesses, and then ‘lower value’ data may be a strategic play for enterprise customers.

The players:

EMC: Last week EMC has hinted confirmed at going towards Online Data Storage (by 2007). Update Sept 2007: EMC has acquired Mozy, online data storage backup.

Dell: The day I was able to video Michael Dell I learned that Dell is headed towards online backup and recovery


It’s now rumored from LiveSide that Microsoft is entering the online data storage space, more discussions on Techmeme.

Seagate: Seagate has eVault.

Amazon: We all already know about Amazon’s S3. They scored some data intensive clients such as SecondLife.

Ebay/PayPalThat makes another eCommerce company is in the market too.

Watching: I’m waiting to hear what Hitachi, Sun, IBM, and NetApp are going to respond, if at all.

Extra special Watching
: Google’s expected to unleash it’s secret storage program Platypus. There’s lots of rumors floating around wondering what those massive secret data centers are going to do. One thing for sure is they need more power.

Many smaller players: There’s quite a few smaller companies that offer online data storage, I started a partial list here, but I doubt I’m going to keep it update. This could easily be in the hundreds and maybe thousands by end of year. Many companies will offer online data storage as a side offer. (like free checking)

I wrote an prediction that I believe that Online Data Storage companies will pay users to upload data, there was some disagreements with what I wrote, but I think my prediction is already starting to happen as Google is going to start paying people who upload video. That’s a start, and with the online office suite they’re building, it could extend to other content and media.

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Update: I also find this all very interesting in light of Cisco’s acquisition of Five Across a SF Social Networking suite that has forums, blogs, and media sharing. If I were to extend this pattern to other websites maybe some big storage company should consider buying or investing in online media companies that have images, video, or other features.