Book Review: Conversation Marketing

Recently, Brian Keith of Portent Interactive sent me a copy of his CEO’s book, book Conversation Marketing written by Ian Lurie. You can read the entire book for free online, or purchase a hard copy. It was a quick and easy read, one that I completed during my flight to Miami. At first, given the title, I was expecting this to be a book around business blogging.

I knew this book was a precursor to demonstrating thought leadership for Portent Interactive, but that’s a non issue as I quickly learned that this is really high level web strategy resource for marketers. It applies both to small and large companies, and I do believe it would be a book suitable for the community that interacts and reads my blog.

Some of the highlights for me are the focus on a variety of tools, realistic metaphors, quick explanation of the variety of tools. The overall metaphor is that the overall user experience of one’s website is in fact a conversation.

My only suggestions would be a more detailed follow-up book that would give the details, ‘how to’, and some additional focus on Social media tools. With that said, I realize this book is an opener to start a conversation with Portent Interactive account teams, which is a logical next step for any business serious about using the web. Here’s their very bold and transparent consulting services page.

I’ve never worked with them, and have no relationship with them, so I’d be curious if anyone out there has purchased their services and to hear some feedback

If you get the chance to grab this book for a quick read I recommended it, for me, I’m adding this to my Web Strategy library, thanks Brian Keith for sending me this copy.