The Superbowl, a unique Petri Dish of TV + Web Experience

(I updated this post several times during the day)

Today will be interesting, being the Superbowl and all. Folks will be be live blogging their thoughts about the game, the commercials and sharing amongst each other links and clips from Google Video of Superbowl (Josh points to last year’s) and it’s advertisements.

For those not attending the game in person, it’s still a participatory sport as the web enables folks to share their thoughts, opinions, likes and dislikes.

For Advertisers that spend 2.6 million for 30 seconds of airtime, this is valuable and free consumer feedback, they can read within minutes what watchers thought, learn a little about their profiles from their blogs, and figure out how to make additional engaging content in the future.

Tracking the experience:

1) Measuring the “Superbowl” term

Here’s a technorati chart showing all instances of bloggers using the term “SuperBowl”, pretty healthy mentions. Will be interesting to see this change over the next week.

2) Meme Tracking
Also, I added a blurb it Technorati’s WTF feature on “Superbowl”. There’s not much activity there in this new feature, and as the first to contribute, let’s see what happens.

“Superbowl” and “super bowl” are both in the top 10 Technorati searches today.

3) TV to Web and Web to TV
It’s not just one way, where the internet is an ‘overlay’ on top of tv, but TV is being created using content native from the web. For example, the brilliance of Frito Lay (who could really benefit from finding other ways to sharing info than press releases on their corporate website) has customer created video advertisements (that were cost effective) as they use the winners from this internet video contest.

Feb 5: Washington Post reports that consumer created video creation cost was under $100. Some of the videos and ads are not pitching, they’re storytelling.

4) On demand real time Ads on CBS
It’s 3:54 PST, still first quarter and the Ads for the Superbowl will be available on demand on CBS. They’ll show up once the first quarter is over. If you don’t have Tivo, and want to see the ads on demand, this is how you do it.

I’m pretty sure I saw Kevin Rose in the Godaddy commercial talking about how “everyone wants to work in in Marketing”. I was right. Interesting how the Coke commercial was catering to the Grand Theft Auto theme.

5) Real Time Conversations happening online/mobile in real time
Looks like the CrunchGear team is live blogging, see what they’re talking about.

I’m also seeing some chatter on Twitter, (which I’m on) the mobile/online social networking tool that let’s folks share a quick sentence or status. The whole world is talking, interacting. I saw some folks making fun of SalesGenie, (a CRM?) saying they wasted their millions of dollars on the pregame content.

Microsoft on Channel 10 is promoting Prince’s keyboard to be used on the half time show that has Windows as well as Intel’s Core Duo.

Yulia, my new blogging friend finds this SuperBowl ad powerful and ‘engaging‘, so engaging that she blogged about it, called ‘Children see, Children do’.

GM is tying in their new video site I got shotgun with the SuperBowl, interesting reminds me of reality shows for web, although I was a bit jolted when the video self started!