Branded Community Sites launched by Yahoo (Is this outsourcing your corporate web team?)

My friends that work at Yahoo and I agree that Yahoo is more of a Media company than anything else, so this announcement comes at very little surprise.

Yahoo has launched some interesting community platforms that aggregate content from a variety of their properties. Check out their Nintendo Wii platform site, it: Pulls in videos, social networking from existing yahoo profiles, there’s also message boards, FAQs, Content, ratings, trackbacks (a form of a memetracker) ecommerce modules, Q&A with Yahoo Answers, all with the feel of the branded experience of Nintendo.

There’s quite a few social aspects to this platform, where interaction with other real individuals is part of the core concept.

Now that Yahoo is doing the job of Nintendo’s Web team, what will those web professionals do? Oh yeah, play more video games. Since there is going to be 100 more branded websites launched in the consumer space, perhaps other web developers at those brands can take some time off.

Is this web development outsourcing a threat to web teams at consumer branded corporations?

Did the Nintendo Marketing department bypass the Nintendo Web Director to make this play happen?