Is the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Industry Slowing?

For many corporate web teams, there’s a document that exists to help web production teams or CMS systems deliver proper metadata for webpages so it can be easily crawled, sorted and found by Search Engines such as Google or Yahoo.

This article by Dave Pasternack is in the heat of some controversy as he suggests in his article Troubled Times for SEO Firms that SEO industry is heading towards a slump and that many companies are pulling these skills in house.

In his article, he makes three points that enrage the SEO industry:

1) Marketers Are Discovering That SEO Isn’t Rocket Science
2) Marketers Are Realizing That SEO is a “Fix-it-Once” Task, not an Ongoing Service
3) Marketers Are Wary of Pushing the SEO Envelope

A Debate Raged
Apparently not everyone agreed with Dave, pleased read Shoemoney, A Fish Bowl, and Bullshit. Dave’s partner Kevin Lee provides some additional analysis. It’s not that simple proclaims David Wallace. There’s a timeline of a majority of the discussion, or you can use Technorati to find more juicy bits.

Dave’s Recap
Today, I read this interview with Dave looking back at the whole debate, be sure to read his points

SEO can be expensive
I’ve spoken to some of the top Search Marketing folks, and I know that some starting prices can range for $300-$500 per hour for the top SEO folks to come do an assessment and assist with your site search strategy.

Questions to answer:
What is your company doing about SEO, are you going to pull this in house?
Will it be a part time or full time role?
Is this something done once, or is it an ongoing strategy?
Does SEO matter to your corporation?
How does Social Media impact SEO?