Having lunch with Michael Dell tommorow

Yes, that Michael Dell of Dell Computers.

Lionel Menchaca came up to me at the BlogHaus to thank me. For what? Well, he’s the guy that launched the Direct 2 Dell. At the time, Dell was under very very fierce attack from the blogosphere. I took the opposite stand. I understood what it was like to deploy blogs at a big tech company, and felt compassion for them. I’ve used Dell as a case study of a company that was taking major flack, learned to adapt and open up, sure it wasn’t perfect, sure it could have been done better, but I still felt compassion.

Lionel remembered this, and invited me to have lunch with Michael Dell tomorrow. I’ve been a Dell customer for a few years now. I used their products at Exodus, World Savings, and at Hitachi Data Systems. I even encouraged my Dad and sister to buy a Dell, as I was a fan of their user friendly website, and product support.

I’m having the hardest time thinking of some questions to ask, so what questions should I bring up? Please keep them intelligent and thoughtful.

Update: I found out the Blogger behind I Believe Dell lied will be there as well as John Biggs from CrunchGear, as well as a few other bloggers and press.