Vestal Design and the PodTech Player

PodTech has launched it’s flash player (which has been requested from the community more than once) quietly. Colleague Steve Wilhelm gives the details and features of the player from the official PodTech Blog:

“Its most obvious feature is the clean, new look. But there are several other interesting features not immediately apparent.

The player is based on Adobe’s Flash to increase cross-platform reach. The player allows our community members to easily share their favorite podcast via email or by embedding them directly on their own Websites or blogs.

The player also provides a list of other podcasts or playlist, so that you can browse and play related podcasts, or just let the player automatically play all of them for you.”

I applaud Vestal Designs for their clean and useful interaction design of the player. It would be interesting if someone (perhaps like TechCrunch) were to review all the media players in the industry.

Below is an example of one of my more favorite episodes of Photowalking (a series I find very relaxing) with Scoble, Thomas Hawk and Dave Alpert! I was invited to attend this walk just to hang out but I was engaged to another commitment. Next time is a public Photowalking in Sac on Jan 21st for everyone to attend.

If you’re having other issues posting from WordPress, Steve provided me with the following tips:

Login in to your WordPress instance and the go to Users, Your Profile. At the bottom under Personal Options, deselect “Use the visual rich editor when writing.” You should now be able to successfully paste the Embed string from the PodTech player in your posts. “

(thanks Steve)