Photoblog: CES Day 1 (Sunday and Live blogging from BlogHaus)

Landed here at Vegas, there are CES related displays in the airport, such as this mound of photos. I was annoyed by this cheap advertising. I’ll be headed down to get our CES passes with Michael Johnson of Podtech. Scoble is alluding to something big… I know what it is, but you’ll have to wait to see. (update: ok sorry for being so exclusive, but here’s the big news) I’ll be at the BlogHaus later tonight, really looking forward to meeting and greeting all the bloggers that are coming.

Bloghaus shirt
BlogHaus Shirt

Getting ready

2:30pm Just landed at the bloghaus, John Furrier, Scoble, Maryam, Linda, Valeriewag, Chris Coulter and others are getting things setup. Doors open soon, so fun. Got my press pass for the show. Maryam and I are managing the door. John Furrier is a cool CEO, he’s managing the bar, serving our guests, and making people feel welcome.

Blog list updates live of all bloghaus posts

5pm You can see this updated blog list of all bloggers that are here are registered for bloghaus. The feeds and flickr pics are auto updated. This is real time media, as bloggers are sitting at the dining table contributing in real time

Live Blogging
You can tell this is a true geek party, as the two people registering guests (myself and Maryam are blogging live. I’m uploading pictures to the Podtech Flickr account)

Geek Superbowl at 640pm: we’re streaming the gates keynote live in the bloghaus, everyone’s hanging around the couches and enjoying a drink. This is kind of like the geek superbowl.

Observations on Bloghaus, something new and unique

The thing people are saying about BlogHaus is that it’s how new, real-time media is being created at events. Real bloggers are mixed in with execs, that are mixed with traditional press. Bloggers, Photographers, Videobloggers all mixed into something new, this is BlogHaus

Here’s some pics I took, and uploaded to the Podtech Flickr account as well as my own personal flickr:

Picture 279
Walking to Bellagio from Venician

Picture 294

Picture 291
Bellagio shopping mall

Picture 316
Stickers (or the Web 2.0 version would be

Picture 366
(Scoble learns about Seagate products, the sponsors of this wonderful bloghaus)

Picture 378
(bloggers in the work room, reminds you of almost a ‘press room’ but this is for bloggers, podcasters, and vloggers)

Picture 375
Snacks at BlogHaus

Picture 382
Cool computer for live blogging (see how it ‘folks out’)

Picture 866
Press Pass