Dinner with Citizens and a Neighbor

Global Neighbor Shel Israel and I enjoyed a tour of the Citizen Space, the headquarters of Citizen Agency founded by Tara Hunt, Chris Messina and recently joined Ben Metcalfe. The Citizens treated Shel and I to a wonderful dinner at Momo’s where the conversation zig zagged from community, the web industry, past employers, new experiences, fine wine, all while making new friends and strengthening older ones. Shel shares some of his challenges of writing a book, it’s not what should be on the book, but what he has to take out.

If you’ve got the time, swing by Citizen Agency, strategically situated in the South Park area (this google map is a bit off, I assure you, they don’t work on or under the freeway) of San Francisco. It’s an interesting space that has a community library, movie theater, a ‘talking’ bunny and a chandelier suitable for fine dining. Congrats and good luck to there success in launching a successful company (yes it already is a success) and to Shel and his upcoming book.

Shel Waits for me at Citizen Agency

Shel waits for me to arrive
Picture 1012
This way to Citizen Space
Ben welcomes us in
Ben welcomes me
A well lit office
Tara and Chris
Hand held Marquee

presence bunny

The Nabaztag Bunny likes Chocolate


Shel scouts while Chris finishes up