Jungledisk connects you to Amazon S3

As you know, I’m following the online data storage story (ODS)Dion covers JungleDisk, a thick client that lets you connect and storage your data on Amazon’s S3 storage service.

Once you download the Jungledisk application and register your profile you can then “copy data to your Jungle Disk, it is transparently cached, encrypted, and uploaded to Amazon.com. Since uploads occur in the background, copying files to your Jungle Disk is as fast as a local hard drive.”
Online Data Storage enables you to store your critical data off your hard drive, making it safe, and eventually accessible from nearly anywhere.

I predict that in a few years, this service will be free, then companies like JungleDisk will pay users to upload data (to the storage cloud) in return for contextualized marketing.  More of my predictions here.