John Edwards reaches to Tech Community via Scoble, and Deploys Social Media

Maryam, myself and the rest of the PodTech crew are super excited for Robert who’s now on a plane to join John Edwards on his entourage starting in New Orleans. Valleywag and even SFgate have the story.

I knew about this trip a few days ago, and Robert and I had an interesting conversation that technology folks tend to be affluent, educated, and often Republican? This could be an important segment of the vote for Edwards.

So far, I’m impressed with the Social Media Deployment that the Edwards family has done. Maryam stopped by earlier and told her that could tell in her interview discussions with Elizabeth Edwards actually took the time to read her blog and got to know her.

John Edwards has this website, a group blog, his personal blog (does he write it himself?), podcasts, videos, and even a myspace page. Holy Geez, that’s more social media than I have!

Good luck Robert, we expect you to ask the hard questions…and next time listen to Maryam and don’t forget your phone!

This is my first post on politics, it may be interesting to compare and contrast how Corporations vs Political groups use Social Media to join conversations.

Update: Robert has just disclosed all the details