It’s all about the Community

Hu Yoshida, the CTO of Hitachi Data Systems, my friend, a mentor and my former leader was nominated as one of the top bloggers in the Data Storage world.

He’s already been praised several times in the industry for being a thought leader, someone who shares his knowledge and an executive that listens and reaches out to the community.

Network World recognizes some of the top bloggers in the Data Storage industry. Master Jon Toigo was the first to notice…Sadly, it falls a bit short as it primary emphasizes blogs from data storage Vendors (companies). Blogging is not about companies….it’s about people, often the common people.

I love how Robin Harris helped to put together all of the indutry price lists (when I was at Hitachi and I saw this, wow I was shocked, this shows that customers are taking charge by sharing knowledge using social media) Anil for always speaking his mind, Snig, C2olen Mackem and the other monkeys for their constant product feedback so Hitachi could build better products and the many many others.

I’d also like to recognize the EMC (A client of Podtech’s) bloggers like Storagezilla and Josh Maher who’ve been on the struggle to help the company open up, despite that they’ve had to delete all of their posts they wrote about their own company.

There are so many others to thank, the voices of the people that want better products
Hu, in his excellent post recognizes the many many others bloggers that matter, storage practitioners, vendors, analysts, and vars. Now this is what business blogging is about…embracing the community.