Edelman release the Social Media Press Release tool ‘Storycrafter’ (I don’t get it)

Steve Rubel, respected PR Blogger and Social Media expert shares on video Edelman’s new product, Storycrafter.

Steve says it breaks it down and makes it ‘social’. Sorry, but no tool can ‘make’ it social. There’s other news using this exact Storycrafter tool, See the Storycraft on Storycraft, it simply collects all the metadata around the event and centralizes it.

Maybe I’m too dense, but I don’t get the whole organized social media press release.

Why are we formalizing the word of mouth network into these clean nice buckets? Isn’t the point of conversations to have them flow nice and easily? Is this a way for Marketers to infiltrate “Social Media” communities from a few clicks and graphics? Where’s the relatinoship building? Where’s the humanity? (insert dramatic pose)

This is not a new stance of mine, just a few weeks ago, I even said I didn’t understand the social media press release either.

I can’t tell for certain, but I suspect Edelman’s version and Social Media Club’s version are different although Chris Heuer welcomes Storycrafter.

I consider all of the people mentioned above as respected friends and peers, I simply am a bit slow on this route, sorry.

Questions for the community:

1) What need is this meeting? What pain is this solving? what is broken?
2) Why we need organized social media press releases?
3) Is the current Word of Mouth Network broken?
4) Why can’t Marketers join the conversation like the rest of us?

(Steve, Oh man, great office by the way of Times Square, at PodTech we’re a humble startup with a decent man made waterfall and some great trees to gaze at…)

Update: A few hours later Steve Rubel Responds to me…see how fast the WOM network is?