Andrew Barron says he’ll build a better PodTech

Robert reports in that Andrew Barron the creator of Rocketboom says he’s going to create a new Media Network better than Podtech, where I work. Dave Winer isn’t a believer in these models.

Cool! I think there’s plenty of room for many small niches to evolve, in fact, in theory there’s enough room for nearly infinite niches as there are human interests.

Update 30 minutes later: Just my personal opinion, the way I see it is that we’re all this together, as boats will move in the same tide. While a bit of minor competition is always healthy, all the web and social media shops could unite to beat out traditional broadcast media, not in-fighting. Maybe I’m wrong, we’ll see.

Update a few hours later
: Our Boss John Furrier of PodTech reaches out in his usual classy way to Andrew for a lunch discussion for partnering, that’s the right thing to do. C’mon Andrew, we’re good folks!