StumbleUpon Videos provided Relevent Media based upon Social Preferences. Exit ‘Web Surfing’ enter ‘Social Preferencing’

Colleague Robert is very excited about this interview he had with StumbleUpon. I check out this video service, did some voting for my preferences and just let it rip. This saves me a ton of time from surfing viral video sites, as this tool aggregates them all, catalogues ratings about the video and pairs up users with other similar interests. (Or so I suspect).

This is a great example of an overlay application that sits on top of data in the ‘Cloud’ and then looks for patterns and matches them up based upon opt-in user behavior. There’s a lightweight Social Network feature that lets you find other birds of a feather.  You can check out SutmbleUpon Video now your peers are the content editor, yet another example of bottom up delivery.
If I want to be entertained to watch some fast videos that meet my ADD needs, I’d rather watch StumbleUpon videos than TV. I’ve a ton of questions and ideas of how this model could be extended to a variety of web strategies.

If this trend continues it could end up changing how we access online information. Perhaps Web Surfing could diminish while Social Preferencing crescendos.