More Lessons for Conference Organizers

I’ve attended over a dozen conferences in this past year, some great, some sucky. It looks like Les Blogs falls in the second camp. The amazing thing is that real life explodes into the blogosphere and then back to real life, this impacts the impression that people have of your event and will impact future attendance.

Here’s a bunch of suggestions that conference organizers should consider:

  • Be sure to communicate up front to your guests if there are any changes in schedule, don’t surprise them.
  • Don’t overcharge them.
  • Don’t sue other conference organizers that are building similar themes and names.
  • Don’t insert your personal conquests into the pre-planned theme.
  • Don’t rush the sessions, give people time to mingle and network, that’s one of the most important things for attendees
  • Be considerate of the attendees that are coming. Accommodate them as guests, be sure to provide speakers to them that are in the appropriate language.
  • Diversity in speakers are required our you’ll get dragged through the thorns.
  • Get up-to-date speakers, rotate through keynotes and speakers, not all keynotes much be authors.
  • Remember, you’re supposed to be a community resource.
  • Remember, the event is often online as it’s in person, consider having preset tags upfront for the social media community
  • Update: David Dalka adds in comments for more Electrical Outlets
  • Update: How could I forget that there needs to be ample wireless access.

The best conference I went to last year was WebVisions. I didn’t attend last year, but I suspect that SXSW will also be great.

Update: In case you didn’t know, people are really really really mad at Les Blogs.  That’s what inspired me to right this post. It seems as if parody pictures are already starting to appear, here’s the original, and now the modified one