Checking out MyBlogLog

I’m checking out MyBlogLog, which is an overlay network that connects bloggers.  It also provides some analytics from others who are MyBlogLog members, helping to tell the story on Social Media Measurement.

There are communities, bloggers, groups, that you can join or add to.  If someone is a blogger on MyBlogLog, and I’m logged in, they can track my movement and what I’ve consumed.  Since this is completely opt-in I’m not too concerned.  The biggest nag in the back of my head is what is MyBlogLog going to do with my data.

I tend to be a second generation adopter, so I wait for a few of my contacts and others that I know to try tools before I jump in.

I’m giving MyBlogLog about a two week trial, and then I’ll see if it’s something that I want to continue doing.