Life Captured and Shared on the Web, A Data Storage Discussion with Dave the CEO of HDS

(Picture: Thomas Hawk, Dave Roberson, and Kris Tate)

One of the things I love about the web is it’s ability to be a platform that lets humans connect and share their lives thoughts and experiences.

Last night, CEO Dave Roberson of Hitachi Data Systems (my recent employer) hosted a fantastic wine pairing in SF with key members from the growing web industry. Folks from Zooomr, Joyent, Bebo, LifeMoxie, ArcScale, Approver, Martin McKeay, and others. Respected Data Storage Blogger Ben Rockwood got to meet Hu Yoshida, who flew in from his vacation in Southern California just to attend this dinner.

Thomas Hawk, Data Storage “Poster Boy”
It’s rare to meet someone that creates as much data as Thomas Hawk. One of the most memorable conversations to me was web photographer and Zooomr CEO Thomas Hawk describing all of the data he creates over a single day. Every day he takes a few hundred pictures in raw format (12mb per shot) and saves them on his personal hard drive (Which cold likely be the the Seagate drive attached to his new Apple). Thomas then takes his top pictures and processes them in Photoshop, which is followed by uploading to Flickr, and of course Zooomr, his own website.

On many photo sharing sites, the image is then processed into different sizes, and the original saved, it’s then replicated into different storage backups for safety. If the photo is printed from an online service, the data may be moved yet again to a printer, causing even more replication. One photo can easily be 10X the data of the initial raw image, and will spread over the web.

As Web as the Platform, Mobile devices will capture
While in Japan last month, I was checking out the mobile phones, some which have real time video conferencing. Apple is rumored to deliver the iPhone with iTunes, which will continue to add more digital media on one’s belt, in most cases, this data will be stored or retrieved from the web storage cloud. Jeff McManus whipped out his mobile and show us how folks connect on Dodgeball. Flickr reports that there are over 1000 pictures just uploaded by the Nokia N70 yesterday, that’s just one phone model on one day.

Consumers will create mass data, load and share on web
Normal consumers can easily capture pictures, video, on mobile devices, sometimes uploading real time to the web. Dave and I talked about the young generations living much of their life online, through social sites and instant messaging. My little cousin told me that ’email is for old people’, they primarily use real time texting. This digital generation is capturing and sharing their lives online.

On one of Joseph Jaffe’s podcasts, he indicated that by 2010, half of all media will be created by consumers. Using the web amateurs are now creating images, video, media, and reporting the news and it’s scaring the professionals.

Other Players
With Sun gunning for the startup web market, and Online Data Storage companies entering the market such as Amazon, Box, Omindrive, it’s good to see Hitachi Data Systems reach out to this growing community, the web is empowering common people to capture, share, and store their lives online.

Thanks Dave and other HDS folks for the wonderful evening, of wine, food, and sharing.

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Update: Clarification (Dec 8th)

A lot of people have a hard time understanding the difference between large divisions in a company, this should provide some clarification:

Hitachi Data Systems (my former employer) and Seagate (a client of my employer Podtech) have different products. Hitachi Data Systems sells Data Storage solutions, most commonly found in Data Centers. This is not to be confused with another division at Hitachi that focuses on Disk Drives. Seagate is known for having consumer and disk storage devices, such as the one Thomas mentions below in the comments. While as an employee at HDS, I helped organize the event, and supported it after my leave.

Lastly, as of last week, I now work at, which makes for an interesting intersection. I’m very much involved in the technology industry, as I have relationships that reach into many sectors of the same family.

Just wanted to be VERY clear as folks as people get these two companies companies confused frequently, and to make sure there is no conflict of interest.

Oh and Thomas Hawk and Kris Tate are friends.

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