iPods will be Irrelevent, Apple must deliver iPhone

I’m having a hard time understanding why anyone would think that the iPhone is not going to be a reality.  iPods will be irrelevant by 2008 as cell phones offer convergence.  I witnessed this in Japan with my friends phone, convergence is coming.

It’s absolutely strategic that Apple MUST play with the mobile phone industry or provide their own phone. YouTube is showing this latest Diggnation where they’ve spilled the beans on the upcoming rumored phone.

Here’s some rumored specs of what the Phone is expected to look like.  I doubt I’ll renew my warranty on my iPod, something better is always coming.

Featured I’d like to see (add comments for wish list)

  • Wireless synching between laptop and iPhone
  • Download media via cell phone, (mobile client)
  • Share peer to peer media
  • iPhone is integrated with other Apple products

Don’t be surprised if Apple enters the digital camera market soon.