When Private Conversations go Public it can’t be good.

Robert’s up in arms about some private discussions being aired in public then being distorted . Rob, who I had dinner with and others with just a few weeks ago at Podcamp West has taken some private discussions public.

A few months ago, I was speaking at Ragan PR Conference, and Robert, being at Podtech a startup asked if I could share a room with him to reduce his expenses. Heh, at first I was a little reluctant, but ultimately gave in, as it ends up, Ragan provided him a hotel room, (he was the opening keynote after all). Robert’s asking for conference expenses being covered is consistent, he’s not playing an ego card as far as I can tell.

I really hope this gets worked out, I suspect this is blown way out of proportion, and hopefully this can be resolved so Robert can attend Podcamp. One rule of thumb is that private matters shouldn’t be exploited in public.

Update, Nov 29th: There appears to be some closure on this topic. Let’s all get back to work now! 🙂