Sun reaches out to Startups, uses Social Media

I care about how companies use Social Media to reach out to companies, Sun typically does a pretty ok job at it.

A few months ago, I helped to coordinate the Lunch 2.0 at Hitachi Data Systems (Data storage) for Web companies. We had 10 web companies present their products to the community, over 200 people showed up, there were a lot of blogs, pictures, videos and a few podcasts. It appears Sun is getting more interested in this space, as John Schwartz talks about the next Fortune 500, and Tim Bray of Sun makes references to Thumper, the next generation server/storage offering.

Want to know how much the Thumper costs? Adam published the price list. Not unusual as Robin Harris, a Storage professional, published all the price lists of the Data Storage industry, I noted on the Data Storage Industry Wiki. Robin, be sure to update the price lists. (as I don’t see Sun listed on there)
I found Sun’s approach to spreading the word about Thumper pretty interesting, Johnathan Schwartz made a video calling for people to respond via video on YouTube, and Google Video. Don’t know what ever happened there, but that’s an interesting use of using the right medium for the emerging technology audience.

Jeremiah who continues to watch the Data Storage blogosphere.