Track YouTube Stats with TubeMogul

Chris Pirillo points us to this emerging Social Media Measurement tool called TubeMogul. Although it still feels like it’s in experimental mode, it’s one of many interesting tools that will be able to benchmark and graph activity of YouTube videos.

I just signed up and gave it a try, but the graphs are not showing, hopefully someone from the team will give me a tip, I just sent them an email. (Update Nov 27: they informed me that the graphs will be up and running in a few days, not all videos at tubemogul are being tracked right off the bat, looks promising. I’ll keep you updated) They’re also doing some Market Research, I took this brief survey with my feedback.

Currently, one could measure a YouTube video by the following 1) total downloads, 2) Read comments, 3) See who’s subscribed 4) Trackbacks and blogosphere activity.

I’m on a quest right now to understand and list all the Social Media measurement tools out there.