Marketing Voices and wanting more of Jennifer Jones

I’m going to echo Mario Sundar, who wants more of Jennifer Jones, my future colleague at Podtech.

Jennifer runs Marketing Voices, a podcast series that gives the behind the scenes strategy and experience of folks that work hard to reach out to customers. I enjoyed her radio quality voice, intelligent questions, and how she captures rare and unique interviews such as this one with James Druckery of Seagate on their Social Media commitment. I shared this interview with several folks, it tells the world that the new mediums are here, real, and companies are and will use them, social media is not going away. Back to Jennifer, I found out that she used to work with Shel Israel, whom I just enjoyed red wine on his red couch earlier this week.

There are other subscribed fans of Marketing Voices, such as DJHowatt, A respected Silicon Valley Marketing Director. During my discussions with him he suggests that suspension of disbelief is broken when the podcast refers to the audience as ‘people out there’. Marketing Voices does a great job of bringing the listener into the discussion, so by reminding the audience that they are indeed separate alienates listeners. This is me, fulfilling my promise to pass on his feedback.

Along with Mario, I’d love to see Jennifer extending to new mediums, perhaps getting into video, with Podtech heading this direction, it shouldn’t be difficult. I also second that Blogging would be a great opportunity for Jennifer, in addition she would be a great person to lead and moderate panels, interview keynote interviews, and even speak about her extensive experience as a Marketing professional. I’ll invite her to some of the Marketing conferences and events I’ve been attending such as IIR, Frost and Sullivan, New Communications, and PR conferences

Jennifer, the world needs more of you, I’d love to see your personal brand grow, and I’m one of those willing to help, see you in a few days.