Pew Reports on Podcasting Consumption (I predict consumption will double from Feb-Dec 2006)

This report from Pew
(thanks to Steve Rubel) indicates that podcast consumption continues to grow.

  • 12% of internet users have downloaded a podcast (Aug)
  • This is up from 7% in Feb-April (prediction: at this growth curve it could hit 14% by Dec)
  • Only 1% are downloading podcasts on a typical day
  • Men are more likely to download a podcast
  • 20% of American adults own an MP3 player (Feb)

I’m sure the number of MP3 players will increase dramatically after Christmas.

As we start moving to cross medium experiences such as tivo, slingbox we’ll start to consume podcasts in the living room from the TV.  Expect niche sattelite radio shows to start broadcasting podcasts as well.