Drinking Red Wine on the Red Couch

Shel finally arrived back from his world tour which is providing the research for his upcoming book Global Neighborhoods. For those that don’t know, he co-authored Naked Conversations with Scoble. (I was able to get everyone in Marketing a copy) I like the focus of Global Hoods it documents the end results of how the internet is changing the world, how the world gets smaller, how we connect and communicate.

Over two glasses of wine, Shel was very interested in hearing about my China trip. I used the internet to connect my extended family from Wikipedia to a Yahoo group. Some of our family have never met. It was good to have a catch up talk…it’s been a while.

I’m always thankful for the time I get to spend with Shel, he always passes on tremendous knowledge and insight from his years of working in the valley. Did you know Shel was a former colleague of Jennifer Jones, who I’ll be working with at Podtech. Shel describes himself as a “recovering PR professional” heh. By spreading the business blogging good news, he’s helping to strip down the spin and let the real voices of people talk to other real people.

I’m suffering from an infected gum, and the right side of my face is a bit sore, as such, I started to slur, Shel and his wife Paula were concerned I was really sloshed after two drinks.

I remember meeting Shel just about one year at Syndicate conference. Jeeez we’ve been through a lot in one year. I’ve got serious about blogging, he gave me a preview copy, I went to the Naked Convos Party at Techcrunch, we’ve co-hosted blogger dinners, I hired him to help me at Hitachi Data Systems. Shel’s been great, he’s introduced me to some pretty important people in the valley, folks that I never would have met without him.

I know why Shel Israel has a red couch (and the URL of his blog) it’s for when I come over and his dog Brewster attacks me while I drink red wine…