Laughing Squid Carnival Intersects Technology, Art, and Bay Area Life (Videos, Pictures)

Jeremy Pepper was the first to point out to me this amazing merger of two unique and self thriving cultures in the bay area that only Scott Beale the Owner of Laughing Squid web hosting could bring, others agree, this was not the usual tech/geek/web party. Al rightfully points out that Squid parties are an institution. Update: Thomas Hawk has pictures up. Scott himself has posted this thanks to the community.
Upon walking up to the gates with Martin and crew, we noticed this was not the usual event we were used to, from the Doggy Dinner heads, Fire sand art, prophecies from Buddha, fully working photo boof, steam engine, fire burster, popcorn and art car armada it was a sight to behold.

Videos of Laughing Squid Party

Inside had live performances from the ‘freak’ dance, burlesque, cabaret, to live jazz, being true to the social media nature of these group that shares, at times there were more photographers and videographers than dancers at the start first ‘freak’ performance. I noticed the little things, such as the laughing squid art decor within the club.

It was pretty much the who’s who in blogebrity sightings, I even spotted were Nick Douglas, Kevin Rose, and others at a nearby restaurant. Colleagues Irina showed up in full force dressed from a previous event. Robert and Maryam Scoble, Chris and Ponzi and friends arrived by limo to grace the party before going home.

We ended the night with a quick trip to the photobooth for our souviner photos. Just 364 more days till the next party. it offered a unique flair unlike anywhere else in the world.

All hail Scott the Squid for providing such as unique and memorable event.

Select Photos of Laughing Squid Party

Laughing Squid Lasers on Building Across from Mighty (this is how you know you're going to a real party)Steam EngineDoggie Diner HeadsIMG_6047IMG_6087IMG_6092IMG_6105