Can a Community Manager really sit back and shutup?

I like Clo’s response, she runs a blog called bnox, she’s a marketing communications expert.  Heh, this cracks me up.  A few days I posted my thoughts on What a Community Manager does. My item #4 was:

“Shut up and sit back: One of the most important jobs of the CM is to connect the right internal people with customers and let them work it out, stay out of the way if you don’t understand the problems.”

She responded on her blog: “That’s going to be hard.”  Heh, yes, it is hard, but it’s also very easy and very important to do.   I left a comment on her blog, giving some examples where I did indeed see a conversation on the blogosphere or forums, then alert the right technical folks and encourage them to respond.  They keep me cc’d in the thread, and then the answer.  There is nearly no way most community managers will know all the technical details of every product your company creates.

In my opinion, it’s often about connecting the right folks in the company with the right prospects, sort of like a ‘introducer’.  What does everyone else think?