More Videos from Japan: Ever wanted to know where your Sushi comes from? I spy on a Bullet Train Conductor

I’m getting positive feedback from contacts, friends, and family that they like these videos, so here’s the last few. Japan is a very modern and efficient culture. Blip seems to be really showing my videos in high quality, unlike YouTube or Google Video, I’ll stick with them until something better comes along.

Video: Jeremiah spying on the Pilot and Cockpit of a Bullet Train
It gets really loud here towards the front car where the engine is, you can check out the white haired pilot. I walk back four cars to my seat, we just departed Okayama, a suburb so it’s not as populated.

Video: Touring Tokyo’s Fish Market ‘Tsukijji’
Warning: Some parts are a bit gross! Ever wanted to know where your sushi may come from? This is one of the largest Fish Markets in the world, every morning fishermen bring in the best catches, they are sold via auction and cut with large two-person sword/saws. They are packaged up and shipped to local restaurants and even globally. It was SO busy everywhere folks were driving crazy circular small transports, I felt like I was on the flight of the Rebel base in Star Wars. So foreign, so busy, so many strange creatures, so many ‘droids’.  And yes, that’s my wife imitating the fish’s last pleading words “I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die”!

My other two Japan videos of the automated garage and pachinko are here