Content Malls, Media Stores, Communities are forming

Robert Scoble, my future colleague is reaching out to bloggers, podcasters, and videobloggers to join the Podtech content mall.  He breaks down the various content malls already in existence.  A content mall is the network of content providers, individual stores are the content creators.  Here’s what’s coming:

“The next six months are going to be very important ones. We’re signing up TONS of new content partners. It’ll be interesting to see if we can finish up the technology-focused part of our content mall and get some key stores in other areas like movies, sports, lifestyle, built up.”

Podtech is looking for stores to join the mall:

“And, yes, we’re looking for great “stores” to join our “mall.” My email is if you’re interested.

If you’re a blogger/podcaster/videocaster, are you thinking of joining a content mall? If so, how are you going to decide between all of us?”

When I had my preliminary interviews with the Podtech folks, I met with quite a few of the top minds.  Great things are going to happen.  Disclaimer: As you know, I’m heading to Podtech to be an employee later this month.