Top Gems from the Social Media Club Today

At the close of the session, everyone went around the room and gave their opinions for the lessons learned.

  1. Mark: Employees are the greatest untapped communication resource.
  2. Jamie: Make your corporation internally aware of these tools, and make it bottom up
  3. Daniela: Pushing the corporate membrane, keep on doing it. There is no one social media, there are many different mediums to use.
  4. Getting people to let go to gain more is a challenge
  5. Robert Carrol: Letting go is hard, marketing folks don’t want to let go.
  6. Jeremy Pepper: It’s great to know that we’re not in a island, there are other social media folks.
  7. Bob: Relates to social media discussions to execs as describing Soylent Green –it’s about people
  8. Joel: John Schwartz is not a CEO blogger but a blogger that become a CEO
  9. Jeremiah: Social media is deployed by everyone, not just PR folks.
  10. Social Media can’t be controlled
  11. Tami: Feels that social media is taken full circle and is invigorating her passion for PR.
  12. Giovanni: Replace the term Social Media to a verb –Socializing Media

Craving more? Great write up from Joel.