IE7 is coming! What would you ask the Product Team?

Martin and I are invited to the IE7 release event next week in San Francisco. Like last time at the beta release event, we interviewed and did a podcast with the product team.

I’ve already asked several web experts to give me their questions they would want me to ask the team, (could range from IT deployment, security, user experience, standards, css, features, feeds, market share, whatever) if you’ve any specific questions, please leave a comment.

I wonder if IE7s use of feeds could replace feedreaders for common users. The tabbed feature should improve productivity. If the browser has a fully functioning ‘tagging’ feature this could be helpful within the enterprise or personal bookmarking.

More news about the release from Kevin Dean. By the way, I love the fact that Microsoft is reaching to the web and blog community for a product release. Smart, very smart.