How will Yahoo! respond to GoogTube? (Vote in the comments)

How could Yahoo! respond to the Google acquisition of YouTube, the 10th most visited website in the internet? A few scenarios:

  1. Resist the acquisition, call in the Fed to suggest that a monopoly between Google Video and YouTube will dominate the landscape?
  2. Outbid Google for YouTube?
  3. Partner with Blip, Revver, or other video sites?
  4. Enhance or start uber-marketing the Yahoo Video site?
  5. Move away from being the upload portal and build out Jumpcut to be the creation portal?
  6. Establish working partnership with iTunes for deliver of content?
  7. Serve up TV shows with traditional TV and Movie Media Networks?
  8. Focus on something else?
  9. Other (Leave a comment)

In the comments below, tell me what you think (leave the #s that you may think or suggest your own). More thoughts from Arrington.

Note: I’m a shareholder of Yahoo stock, have friends there, and use several of their products.

Update: Google has purchased YouTube for 1.65 bil.
Update: YouTube talks with Universal, Sony and CBS for content deal.