Silicon Valley Cost of Living

Tom always brings us the best stuff. For example, here’s some info he collected about the average base salary of silicon valley pros. From what I know and have talked to folks, this is about right, often bonuses and stock options can change the net number. Some companies that pay less may have only a 50 hour work week vs the usual crazyness I know most are doing. (Update: Mark sent me a link to Indeed a while ago, interesting data there as well)
Some folks I know that keep a very close eye on the real estate and mortagage rates give me reports. As I understand it, the median homeprice in the bay area (just a three bed, two bath, often 50 years old) is $725,000-$750,000. This means a family household income of about $170,000-$190,000 is needed to support such a lifestyle.

Have you seen MLSlistings? you can find a variety of homes in the bay area. One way to quickly see the medium is to do a search on homes with no dollar value, and see what’s in the middle.

I think in the long run it’s all relative, folks may make more in SV, but end up paying more. The difference is, that two incomes from the average Joe and Jane are required.

Despite the price to pay to live here, I wouldn’t give it up.