Playing with features on new Camera (This is not Photoshop altered)

Green Bottle

Taken by Shirley with the new Canon PowerShot SD700 IS ($350)

This photo was not altered in photoshop, it’s a camera feature called “Color Accent”

Pretty cool, once you access the settings, a small box appears on the screen which will help you to select the color (like an eyedropper feature in photoshop)

Once you select that, any color in your photo that is close to that will appear in color, the rest won’t. Kind of like a ‘mask’ in photoshop.

I’m amazed at how camera technology changes so fast in one year. Oh, and the 2gig memory card is only $35, sheeesh. (oh, and there are no easily available Hitachi cameras I could find)

Update: This is funny, HP camera’s have a slimming effect, so anyone can look thinner than they really are.