My Photos and the loss of my Camera *Sniff*

Ryan Carson likes my photos!
I was given a ‘press’ pass to the Future of Web Apps Conference, I blogged about Day 1 and Day 2. Ryan Carson, the founder and director, sent this thank you email to all the attendees of Carson’s Future of Web Apps:

“Event coverage Re-live those Summit moments 🙂

There’s some great coverage of the event from Scott Beale and Jeremiah Owyang (links below), or view a wider Flickr selection with the Summit tag – futureofwebapps-sf06



First of all, to put me anywhere near the mastery of the Scott’s photos is just amazing, he’s the photoblog master. Carson Systems, thanks for the ‘press’ pass to the conference, I’m glad I was able to give back to your event.

About my photo Strategy

I used just a commercial grade consumer camera, it’s under 500 dollars, and fits in my pocket, my strategy is to take a lot of photos (it’s the Asian in me) and use the smaller camera to get right up in the action in an unassuming manner. Sometimes I get the best shots from folks that had no idea a camera was present. Of course I’m sensitive not to post embarrassing photos, and often ask strangers if I can shoot their pic first…then I silently disappear into the thick dense foliage.

The bad news
My camera is no longer with me. I noticed it gone after taking a public bus in downtown Chicago going down Michigan Street, I took a photo while on the bus, so I know that’s when I last had it. My instincts suggest that I was pick pocketed (although I’m usually so careful about these things).

Camera Recommendations needed
So I’m looking for recommendations for cameras under $450, any suggestions? As you know I’m really into peer review, I’ve done my homework with editor and consumer reviews Here are my Requirements:

  • It needs to be fast: turn on fast, take pics fast.
  • Fit in my pocket: I run around with it on me all the time, it needs to be small
  • Take crisp pictures rapidly. The Sony P200 I had often had blurry pics.
  • Should not have proprietary technology like “Memory Stick”.

I’m thinking a Canon SD700, its about $350 via amazon. Based upon my discussions with photography friends, most agree it would do the trick.

Any other thoughts out there?

Yeah, and I’m a stupid, stupid tourist. *Jeremiah kicks himself*