Chicago Blogger Dinner

Stepped off the plane and went right to the Blogger Dinner. Felt like an idiot as I stumbled through the busy restaurant with my luggage. Found Scoble and the bloggers. We had a variety of conversations around Yahoo, Microsoft, Wireless, MySpace, Vox, Blogs, Edelman, Hitachi, pretty much anything and everything geek.

This was my first time in Chi town and having a REAL pizza pie at Girodano’s.
Present were David Dalka, Jeff Treem, Robert Scoble, Joseph Thornley (Who blogged about the dinner), Kevin Dugan, Chris Thilk, David Armano, and Mike Miller one other (didn’t get his card sorry). I knew this was a good group, as there was an excess of money for the tab.

Chicago Airport

My Taxi Driver (I taught him what blogs were)

David Dalka fiddles with Sidekick

Jeff Treem is getting paid by Sam for this product placement

Kevin Dugan and Jeff Treem

Blogger Dinner

Robert Amazed by Authentic Chicago Pie