The Big Heart of Robert Scoble (Would you let a Troll sleep in YOUR house?)

Just got off the phone with Robert Scoble, his troll is going to sleep in his house tonight. He’s hosting Christopher Coulter at his house in Half Moon Bay. I can kind of tell that Robert’s a bit uneasy about this, both in his blog posts and the tone in his voice. I don’t know for sure why, but I think Chris announced to Robert that he’s coming to stay with him, or maybe the fact that Christopher has been Robert’s troll on his blog for quite some time now.

He frequently has left negative comments and challenges Robert’s postions, sometimes in a less than desirable sarcastic tone and attitude. He’s bothered me, but Robert seems to embrace him.

I admire Robert, the form technical evangelist at Microsoft who published his cell phone for the whole world to call him, and has an open door policy at his house for anyone to stay over. Wow, the guy is all heart.

I asked to talk to Chris but he couldn’t get to the phone, he said they’ll do a videoblog later, I can’t wait.

My questions for the videoblog:

1) To Chris, what made you want to come to Robert’s house?

2) To Chris: What do you do for a living, what’s your background?

3) To Chris: Why do you challenge Robert constantly?

4) To Maryam: How do you feel about this, and the open door policy? does this make you feel uncomfortable?

5) Robert: What’s your reaction to this all?

I wouldn’t normally blog about an situation like this, but I think it’s really big of Robert to let someone like this stay at his house, Robert’s about to announce his upcoming videoblog since he joined Podtech. I was just making sure that Robert gets positive vibes as he approaches this release, not just negativity or criticism from Christopher.

I left the following comment on Robert’s blog:

“I’m really surprised on this timing to have Chris come to your house now?

I wouldn’t want him around to detract you during your next phase.

I wish I could be a fly on the wall”

In Robert’s true diplomatic fashion he responded:

Jeremiah: great ideas survive harsh criticism. That’s why I like having Chris around.”

I applaud you Robert, 99% of the world would never let their troll into their house, you’ve got a BIG heart Robert.