Thanks for coming to Lunch 2.0 at Hitachi Data Systems

Wow, that was fun, we just concluded the event and I’m sitting downstairs with Robert Scoble, Thomas Hawk, Julio Garcia, and Kristopher Tate. It’s estimated we had over 200 folks, honestly, I was too busy to look around and count!

I’m pretty excited, as some folks said they want to talk about Data Storage Strategies as their web sites need to scale. Our CTO Blogger Hu Yoshida attended the event (along with a lot of other folks) and I’m sure will be collecting his thoughts on the event.

I really hope the event was a success, it was something unique that Hitachi Data Systems has never done before. The companies that presented we’re very glad for the exposure, some complained they didn’t get to eat as they had to give so many demos (if that’s a complaint at all). It was a win-win. Hopefully, we can do something like this again.

I’ve got a few things to brag about, the entire event was spread via blogs and emails, and we didn’t spend any money on getting the word out. That’s social media/community marketing at work! Gotta love that. I was told by the organizers of Lunch 2.0 Mark and Joseph this was the largest Lunch 2.0 ever. (many props to them for creating this event)

On behalf of Hitachi Data Systems, thank you SO much for coming!

-Community Manager, Hitachi Data Systems


Funny things overheard at Lunch 2.0:

  • Scoble: “I thought it was just going to be 20 people”
  • HDS Employee: “Lunch 2.0? I didn’t even have Lunch 1.0”
  • HDS Employee: “What are these watermelons doing downstairs?”
  • Guest: “What are Jeremiah’s intentions? This event is blownout” (heh, go figure)

Apparently a few folks in the social media and web space made some deals, I am SO glad that everyone was able to benefit from this event. Nothing could please a community manager more, it’s so pleasing to make your community happy.